Unique facilities in a singular space : A bunch of pilot plants linked together in a pilot factory, where industrial processes are reproduced at a scale that is a step forward of R&D laboratories, bridging the gap between laboratory and production facilities.

Three buildings compose what is call the Steel Block: The SLAB (Steel Laboratory by ArcelorMittal), The IDONIAL Avilés Headquarters which concentrates all the IDONIAL facilities related with sampling, testing and developing of metallic products and the Steel Block Headquarters building called “Satelite” which houses the office space and the main workshop area of the Steel Block.

Induction Melting Furnaces


The Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace allows to melt metallic alloys with a maximum capacity of 150 kg of steel.

All the process of melting, alloying, temperature control, samples taking and casting is made under controlled atmosphere allowing a high dregree of adjusment in composition.

Different types of molds with different geometries and thermal conductivities can be used in order to control the cooling of the ingot.

Hot and Cold Rolling


Rolls diameter: From 705 to 840 mm
Width: 1,200 mm
Openning Stroke: 100 mm
Speed (rpm)/ Torque (kNm): 13/407; 25/211; 30/176
Max Temp: 1,300 ºC
Power: 60 kW
Chamber dimensions (LxWxH) : 1,300 x 720 x 700 mm
Max. Weight: 350 kg
Max. Width: 1,000 mm
Max. Thickness: 300 mm
Max Temp: 1,000 ºC

Hot Dip Process Simulator


Sample dimensions: 120 x200 x 0.3-3 mm
Transfer speed: 0.1 – 1,300 mm/s
Gas atmosphere:
Oxidation: N2,H2,CO2/CO
Reduction: 100% N2-100% H2
Dew point: -40 ºC to +5 ºC
IR Heating Furnace 54 kW
Temp. range: up to 1000 ºC
Soaking time:
600 s @ 900 ºC
180 s @ 950 ºC
60 s @ 1000 ºC
Cooling gas rate (1 mm thickness):
N2: -100 K/s (900-500 ºC)
H2: -350 K/s (900- 350 ºC)
Induction Heating (Galvannealing):
Frecuency: 50 – 200 kHz
Temp rate: 150 K/s
Temp range: up to Curie Temp (760 ºC)
Melting system:
Temp. range: up to 850 ºC
Atmosphere: N2

Pilot Coating Line


Coating: Coils or flat test plates
Max. Coil Weight: 2500 kg
Width: Up to 450 mm
Thickness: Up to 2 mm
Line Speed: Up to 10 m/min
Pretreatment for degreasing and drying
Curing Ovens:
UV: 25 kW
IR: 16 kW
Convection: 11-18 kW
Induction: 400 kW

High Speed Strip Loop Line


Able to reproduce the real speed of the strip in production lines, can be used for studies of drying, quality inspection, heating, cooling,…
Speed: 1,200 m/min
2 Close Loops